Tyler & Kristy Benson

Author Tyler Benson is from St. Louis, Michigan.  He has served in the United States Coast Guard for over 18 years.   He began writing short stories about his search and rescue adventures in the Coast Guard to educate his four young children about what Daddy does when he goes on duty for 48 hours at a time.  He wanted them to learn the importance of service to their country and helping those in need.  To help them better understand his job, Tyler wrote the stories featuring his station’s morale dog, Onyx.  These stories soon evolved into a dream—to publish a book series that would serve as a tribute and a way to bring recognition to all who serve or have served in the United States Coast Guard.

A few years after The Adventures of Onyx and The Guardians of the Straits was released, Tyler and his wife, Kristy, realized that although ‘The Adventures of Onyx’ was a great tool to educate children ages four and older, there wasn’t anything for the younger children about the United States Coast Guard.  So Tyler and Kristy co-authored Rosie the Response Boat to teach children ages 0-4 not only information about the United States Coast Guard, but also the importance of friendship and working together as a team.

Tyler and Kristy currently reside in Aberdeen, New Jersey, with their four children-Olivia, Annie, Charlotte & Parker.

Kristy and Tyler Benson

Kristy and Tyler Benson