Donation Gift for Coastie Kid Birthday-Rosie Plush

Donation Gift for Coastie Kid Birthday-Rosie Plush


I have decided to continue donating birthday gifts to Coastie Kids all year long, as long as we keep getting donations. This isn’t about the parents not being able to afford a gift for their child anymore, like during the Government shutdown. This is about giving a little something extra to a Coastie Kid who has had to say good bye to their best friend, not sure if they will ever see them again. This gift is for a Coastie Kid whose Mom or dad is out on patrol and missing their birthday. This is an extra gift for a Coastie Kid who doesn’t get to have grandparents and aunts/uncles come to their basketball games or band concerts or birthday parties. And what better gift to give, them a Coast Guard item to remind them what their parent is doing!

Your purchase of Rosie the Response Boat plush will be shipped to a Coastie Kid during the month s/he is celebrating his/her birthday. With this purchase, the child will receive a Rosie plush on their wish list.

You DO NOT have to pay for shipping, Ensign Benson Books LLC will cover shipping costs.

You provide the gift, we will take care of the rest!

God bless you for thinking of a Coastie Kid! You have no idea how much this means to these families!!

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